Our entire team is comprised of more than 160 driven, business savvy, fitness-oriented, community building individuals ready to put their energy and skills toward our definition of excellence. Our leadership team is a unique group with a diverse background ranging from fitness to finance and everything in between.

Cooper McCue

Alexa Goldin

Joanne Zainoun

Drea Whiting

Ryan Debin

Chief Excitement Officer

Melissa Boyington

Chief Operations Officer

Cooper McCue

Director of Client Experience

Alexa Goldin

Director of Engagement

Drea Gomes

Regional My Gym Director

Jessica Hubacheck

Corporate Controller

Jennifer Vadella

Director of My Gym Yorktown Heights

Andre Allen

Assistant Director of My Gym Glastonbury

Katie Myers-Cooper

Director of My Gym Boston

Craig Semenza

Director of My Gym Burlington & Framingham

Laura Kaoud

Director of My Gym Stamford

Andrew Gelfenbaum

Director of My Gym Harlem

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